UNM Rainforest Innovations


The UNM Rainforest Innovations’ Gap Fund @ UNM Committee has announced four proposals chosen for FY2023 gap funding.

The Gap Fund @ UNM works to support the development of UNM technology to increase its chances of being successfully licensed by industry or a startup company. This year marks the twelfth call for proposals for early-stage, unlicensed UNM technology previously disclosed to UNM Rainforest Innovations.

Proposals are reviewed by the Gap Fund @ UNM Committee comprised of UNM, UNM Rainforest Innovations, and business community members. They are evaluated based on merit and uniqueness of the technology as well as its potential for commercialization. Each proposal can be funded up to $25,000.

The proposals selected for funding includes the following:

PI Name(s) Proposal Title School(s)/Department(s) Funds Awarded
Kiran Bhaskar, PhD, Associate Professor Virus-like Particle (VLP)-Based Vaccines against Inflammasomes in Various Inflammatory Diseases including Alzheimer’s Disease School of Medicine: Department of Genetics & Microbiology $25,000
Vincent Clark, PhD, Associate Professor Energy Creating Art Development College of Arts & Sciences: Department of Psychology $24,995
Jonathan Owen, PhD, Associate Professor The Magnetic Snare Endovascular Catheter System for Central Venous Stenosis School of Medicine: Department of Internal Medicine $25,000
Shuya Wei, PhD, Assistant Professor Flow-Aluminum: A Transformative Approach to Capture Carbon Dioxide Directly in a Flow Metal-Air Battery School of Engineering: Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering $25,000
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