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Explore our vast collection of entrepreneurial training videos! The videos below range from generating a business idea all the way to raising capital and finding investors for your business. These videos are for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, business owners, university students, and community members. 

The full playlist of videos can also be found on the UNM Rainforest Innovations’ YouTube channel here.

Interested in earning your Entrepreneurial Capabilities Certificate?

First, fill out the enrollment form to get started. 

Next, choose at least seven videos below to watch (at your own pace) and complete their associated assessments. After you have finished, contact Cara Michaliszyn to receive your certificate.

Table of Contents

Business 101 - For Businesses Just Getting Started

Business Idea Generation
Pathways to Success – Small Business Ownership
How to Start and File an LLC
Taxes and Business Startups
Financial Literacy and Basic Bookkeeping for Entrepreneurs
Success by Design: The First 5 Steps to Launching a Successful Business
Pitching and Presenting Your Idea
How A Strong Brand Builds Value
How to Write, Practice and Record Your Pitch
Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs
Preparing for Artisan Markets and Tradeshows

Scaling Your Business - For Businesses Trying to Evolve, Fundraise, and Grow

Go-to Market Strategies for Entrepreneurs
Strategies for Designing, Creating, or Renovating Your Business Model
Valuation and Term Sheets
Raising Capital in New Mexico
Drinking Beer at the Bar – Finding Deal Flow
Raising Capital: How to engage with investors and the process of raising early-stage investments
So You Want to Start a Startup?
Growing from Retail to Wholesale
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  • Assessment
Community-Based Funding for Your Business
  • Video
  • Presentation slides
  • Assessment

Branding & Digital Marketing - Promoting Yourself and Your Product

How to Grow and Promote Your Business on YouTube
sales tips for small businesses
Sales Tips for Small Businesses
Reach Customers Online with Google and SEO
Common Digital Asset Business Risks
Sustainable eCommerce Business Strategies
Brand Story Power Hour
  • Video
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  • Assessment

Technology Startups - Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property 101
Patent Protection in 2021, a Primer
Prior Art Searching for Your Technology & Startup
Anatomy of License and Option Agreements for Universities
Proven Strategies to Accelerate the Regulatory Process
Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 3.59.30 PM
USPTO University Outreach Series with Director Iancu
  • Video
  • Presentation slides
  • Assessment
Your Good Idea – How to Start a Biotechnology Company
Confident Pitching
  • Video
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  • Assessment

Product & Business Development

Collaborative Problem Solving Through Design Thinking
Talking to Your Customer: The Why and How
User Research 101: Focus Product Users
Business Strategy Matrices
7 Pillars to a Healthy, Thriving Business
Product Design – Making it Real
Product Development & Management
Your Good Idea – Getting it From an Idea to a Technology to a Product

Social Entrepreneurship

Tapping into Native Business Resilience Moving Forward
B Corps and Business with an Impact
Values-based Entreprenership

Networking and Strategic Partnerships

Networking and Business Development
Strategic Networking: Maximizing Your Connections to Grow Your New Business
How to Network Virtually

Additional Videos and Topics

Virtual Startup Boot Camp – The Pitch
Virtual Startup Boot Camp – Pitch Deck Magic!
Virtual Startup Boot Camp – What? So What? Therefore!
Sustainable Business Practices to Achieve Business Longevity
Carrying Out Customer Discovery in a Virtual World
Creativity Techniques for Your Small Business
Your Customer Journey! Talking to Your Customers – Why and How
A Look at Insurance for Entrepreneurs
COVID-19 Business Relief Provisions
  • Video
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  • Assessment
The Next Level Navigator®
What is the NM Rainforest EDA University Center Program?
UNM-Gallup University Center Info Session and Meet a Mentor
business across borders
Business Across Borders
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  • Presentation slides


After you have completed all seven lectures and assessments, email Cara to receive your certificate!


If you have any questions about the Entrepreneurial Capabilities Certificate Program, please reach out to Cara Michaliszyn. 

Cara Michaliszyn

Director of Economic Development


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