UNM Rainforest Innovations

Research Associate Professor
Center for Micro-Engineered Materials
The University of New Mexico  

Issued U.S. Patent (UNM-Affiliated)

  • 11,283,020 Additively Manufactured Resistive Switch, issued March 22, 2022

Pending U.S. Patent Applications (UNM-Affiliated)

  • Integrated Fuel Cell and Combustion System

  • Reversible Electrochemical Mirror using Cation Conducting Membrane

  • High Resolution, High Conductivity Components by Aerosol Jet Printing

  • Low Ionic Conductivity Substrates for Multi-Element Mixed Potential Natural Gas Sensor

Dr. Tsui’s research areas include:

  • Electro-chemical gas sensors for methane detection

  • Additive manufacturing for printed electronics

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