UNM Rainforest Innovations

Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Research Director, Center for Forensic Imaging

Health Sciences Center

The University of New Mexico

Dr. Adophi has disclosed three inventions to STC, received one UNM-affiliated issued U. S. patent, and has one pending U. S. patent application for her viscosity measurement technology.

Dr. Adolphi’s technology for measuring viscosity in a fluid (a fluid’s internal resistance to flow) uses calibrated magnetic nanoparticles to measure viscosities on the sub-microscopic level in less than a minute, and has the potential to measure particle size distribution as well. The technology has potential applications in medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food production quality control industries, among many other applications.

Dr. Adolphi’s research interests lie in the areas of cancer diagnosis and therapy, forensic radiology, magnetic resonance, and nanotechnology. Her current research is specifically focused on two main areas: (1) developing applications of advanced imaging methods (MRI and CT) for forensic investigation and (2) developing methods for assessing and improving the targeting of nanoparticles for diagnosis and therapy.

Other recent research projects include the development of magnetic relaxometry and microcoil NMR methods for sensitive detection of magnetic nanoparticles, targeted magnetic nanoparticles for MRI detection of cancer, and novel MRI pulse sequences for pulmonary imaging.


9,074,976 Viscosity Measuring Method, issued July 7, 2015


Viscosity Measuring Method

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