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Edl Schamiloglu, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Associate Dean for Research, School of Engineering
The University of New Mexico

Dr. Schamiloglu has disclosed six inventions, received four UNM-affiliated issued U.S. patents, and has one pending patent application for his magnetron technologies.

Magnetrons are devices that generate microwaves using crossed electric and magnetic fields to produce high-power output required, for instance, in radar equipment.  Cathode performance plays an important role in improving the output characteristics of magnetrons. Solid cathodes that are traditionally used, however, have a problem associated with the decreased synchronous microwave field near the cathode, which prevents high output parameters, such as a rapid oscillation start time in the magnetron.

Dr. Schamiloglu’s magnetron technologies for generating high power microwaves use transparent cathodes that present a significant advancement in magnetron design. The transparent cathode consists of narrow, parallel longitudinal strips arranged on the cylindrical surface and is designed to provide rapid start-up in magnetrons, while maintaining efficient operation comparable to solid cathodes. The technology’s main improvement is the strong azimuthal electric field on the electron flow around the cathode that is responsible for rapidly transferring electron energy to the electromagnetic field.  Additionally, the cathode effectively provides the means for rapid start of oscillations by using simultaneously both cathode priming and magnetic priming, without requiring additional external magnets for the magnetic priming.  The technology is suitable as a source of high power microwaves for both commercial and industrial applications and high-resolution radars.

Dr. Schamiloglu’s research focuses on high energy density science; pulsed power science and technologies; plasma physics and diagnostics; physics and technology of charged particle beam generation and propagation; high power microwave sources and effects; and neuro-systems engineering.


7,696,696  Magnetron Having a Transparent Cathode and Related Methods of Generating High Power Microwaves, issued April 13, 2010
8,324,811 Magnetron Having a Transparent Cathode and Related Methods of Generating High Power Microwaves, issued December 4, 2012
7,893,621 Eggbeater Transparent Cathode for Magnetrons and Ubitrons and Related Methods of Generating High Power Microwaves, issued February 22, 2011
8,018,159 Magnetron Device with Mode Converter and Related Methods, issued September 13, 2011
9,837,240 Relativistic Magnetron with No Physical Cathode, issued December 5, 2017
10,192,709  Relativistic Magnetron Using a Virtual Cathode, issued January 29, 2019

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