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Francesca Cavallo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Center for High Technology Materials
The University of New Mexico

Dr. Cavallo leads a research program at the convergence of engineering, materials science, chemistry, physics, and biology. Her work addresses deep scientific questions while it establishes transformative solutions for energy production, healthcare, and national security. The cornerstone of Dr. Cavallo’s research work are inorganic sheets or thin slabs of functional materials, including semiconductors, functional oxides, and semi-metals.


High-Frequency Vacuum Electronic Device
Wafer Level Gate Modulation Enhanced Detectors
Self-assembled helical slow-wave structures for mm to sub-mm waves and method for their production
Method for fabricating periodic arrays of high-aspect-ratio germanium nanostructures with less than 50 nm width.
Electroplated helical nanomembranes for sub-millimeter traveling wave tubes


10,141,469  Radially Stacked Solar Cells Based on 2D Atomic Crystals and Methods for Their Production, issued November 27, 2018
10,680,129 Radially Stacked Solar Cells Based on 2D Atomic Crystals and Methods for Their Production. issued June 9, 2020
10,903,035 Microfabricated traveling wave tube structure based on nanomembrane strain engineering, issued January 26, 2021

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