UNM Rainforest Innovations

Fiscal year 2019 ended on solid financial footing for STC.UNM, the University of New Mexico’s technology-transfer and economic-development organization.

Metrics for technology-transfer and commercialization activities from July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019, exceeded last year’s goals for disclosed inventions (125), startup companies (11), and issued patents (60).  The number of license agreements (51) signed this year with startups and companies for UNM technologies is comparable to last year’s number (52).  Of the 11 startup companies spun out from UNM technologies in 2019, 7 are located in New Mexico and 4 are headquartered out of state.

Total income (approximately $3.4 million) is now diversified to include license income and other income.  In particular, STC has received several grants, including the new EDA New Mexico Rainforest University Center grant awarded this past year.

2019 STC Startup Companies

DermaTec, LLC New Mexico Developing a color-changing skin patch that detects alcohol through the body’s sweat
Concardia BV Netherlands Developing imaging agents for diagnosing cancers, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, stroke, etc.
Rio Grande Eco Corp. New Mexico Developing an environmentally friendly larvicide delivery system for disease-carrying insects
SipaVax, LLC New Mexico Developing vaccine therapies for ovarian cancer and other cancers and diseases
Company name undisclosed New Mexico Developing detector system for targeted analysis by distance-of-flight mass spectrometry
Mesopore Technologies, LLC New Mexico Developing advanced nanoparticle delivery systems for cancer immunotherapy
Dryfiber, LLC California Developing a chemical-free color treatment technology for textile fiber/apparel applications
Company name undisclosed Massachusetts Developing combination therapy for treatment of pancreatic cancer
Mimic Biosolutions, LLC New Mexico Developing vaccine therapies for ovarian cancer and other cancers and diseases
Aeneas Technology Limited Hong Kong Developing treatment for diabetes
GPER G-1 Development Company, LLC New Mexico Developing small molecule compound to promote the metabolic effects of GPER activation to treat obesity, diabetes, and atherosclerosis
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