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Local business weekly, Albuquerque Business First, released an article on how state and local governments and banks are offering financial help for New Mexico businesses affected by the new COVID-19 coronavirus. While new measures at being taken to minimize the spread of the virus, businesses are greatly impacted by the lack of foot traffic, restrictions on in-person dining, and the most recent stay-at-home order, which temporarily closes all non-essential businesses and non-profit entities.

To learn more about the financial help being offered, see Rachel Sams’ March 13, 2020 article, “EDD, others offer financial help for NM businesses affected by coronavirus,” from Albuquerque Business First, at https://www.bizjournals.com/albuquerque/news/2020/03/13/edd-others-offer-financial-help-for-nm-businesses.html.

Please also see links below for other COVID-19 Information, Resources, and Tips for Businesses, Organizations and Workers:

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