UNM Rainforest Innovations

A report released from the Bush Institute and Opus Faveo ranks the University of New Mexico 2nd among mid-sized research universities for innovation impact productivity. This is a substantial national ranking for the university.

The report measures the impact universities and research institutions have on the U.S. economy and society based on their innovation. They rank institutions for overall innovation output and separately for productivity in converting research inputs (measured in terms of research spending) to output. Universities conduct a majority of the country’s basic research and they play a pivotal role in fueling innovation, which in turn drives economic growth. Their aim in publishing rankings is to highlight high-performing institutions — particularly stand-out performers in innovation impact productivity — so that other institutions, as well as policy makers and other leaders, can learn from their example.

See also, “The Innovation Impact of U.S. Universities,” on the Bush Center Website at https://www.bushcenter.org/publications/resources-reports/reports/universities-innovation-impact.html  and “The Innovation Impact of U.S. Universities,” on the Opus Faveo website at https://opus-faveo.com/downloads/the-innovation-impact-of-u-s-universities/

Download the full report here: https://gwbcenter.imgix.net/Publications/Resources/gwbi-university-impact-report-ranks-exec-summary-full-report.pdf

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