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jennyJenny Le
Accounting Intern

UNM Rainforest Innovations trains UNM students on university technology transfer and commercialization through its student internship program which is made up of Innovation Interns, Intellectual Property & Disclosure Assistants, a Student Office Assistant, and an Accounting Intern. These unique students all add tremendous support and value to UNM Rainforest Innovations while helping to expand our innovation ecosystem.

The featured intern this month is Jenny Le, who joined UNM Rainforest Innovations in May 2020 as the Accounting Intern. “When I applied for the accounting intern position, I hoped to achieve valuable accounting experience to further build my resume for when I apply for more business-related opportunities,” said Jenny. “With my time at UNMRI, my goals have and are currently being fulfilled as I continue to learn more about being an accounting intern.”

Jenny has a variety of duties as the Accounting Intern and she works closely with the Controller, Preston Hendrix. Some of her tasks include agreement reconciliations and brief creation, reconciling of accounts, agreement clean-up and storage, historical bank statement scanning, and royalty disbursement tracking and data entry. “What I enjoy most about my job is making the numbers match between agreement reconciliations and the due to payable amounts to UNM and inventors when it’s around auditing season.”

Born and raised in Albuquerque with her two older half-sisters and older brother, Jenny is the youngest of all her siblings and decided to choose a different career path. “Interestingly, all my siblings decided to go with the medical route in school and for their careers, however, I chose to pursue business in Accounting and Marketing.” Her goal is to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in business administration and afterwards plans to pursue a master’s in accounting and certification to become a CPA.

When Jenny isn’t juggling work and school, she also enjoys a plethora of hobbies and activities. “I tend to circulate hobbies frequently, some that I’ve enjoyed are crocheting, ice-skating, tennis, pickleball, baking, painting, sewing, biking, and hiking. However, some interests of mine that I like to stick with long-term is fashion, styling, and watching movies!”

When asked what was the most valuable thing she has learned so far, she explained: “The most valuable knowledge I’ve learned being an accounting intern in terms of my education is the importance of accuracy in numbers for auditing standards. If there’s one thing that has been consistently taught to me throughout my accounting courses and my internship is that everything must be calculated and disclosed thoroughly and accurately. In terms of my future career plans, it has solidified my interest in business and that I will pursue my education to hopefully land a career as a Controller as well.”

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