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UNM startup Avisa Diagnostics, Inc. (Avisa) announced they have begun trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE:AVBT). Last year, the startup announced their share subscription and drawdown agreement with Global Emerging Markets Limited (GEM) which would provide them access to an approximately $41 million line of equity of the next three years. This public listing now enables Avisa to access the funding which will help them complete the development and FDA regulatory approval process for their BreathTest™ device.

Avisa was formed to commercialize breath-test technology for early detection and treatment of lung infections developed by Dr. Graham Timmins, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of New Mexico (UNM), and colleagues from UNM’s College of Pharmacy. The company has developed the Avisa BreathTest™ (ABT), an ultra-rapid, point-of-care biomarker breath test for the detection and monitoring of bacterial load in Post-COVID-19 “long haulers” who can develop acute respiratory disease, and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). Avisa has established clinical proof-of-concept through their trials in cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis and community-acquired pneumonia.

To learn more about Avisa Diagnostics and their BreathTest™ device, visit https://www.avisadx.com/.

See also, Avisa Diagnostics’ May 18, 2021 press release, “Avisa Diagnostics Begins Trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange,” on the Avisa Diagnostics website at https://www.avisadx.com/news-media/news-releases/avisa-diagnostics-begins-trading-on-the-canadian-securities-exchange

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