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Arash Mafi, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Member, Center for High Technology Materials

Dr. Mafi’s research areas include: Optics and photonics: Theoretical, computational, and experimental; Guided-wave and fiber optics; High power fiber lasers: Radiation-balanced fiber lasers; Image transport using transverse Anderson localization; Wave propagation in random media; Laser and nonlinear properties of Anderson localization optical fibers; Entangled pair generation in optical waveguides for quantum communications; Quantum and nonlinear behavior of optical waveguides; Linear and nonlinear multimode interference devices; Gain-guided index-antiguided fiber lasers and amplifiers; Beam quality analysis; Plasmonics and metamaterials; Microring resonators; Sensing; and Optical communications.

10,578,797 Hollow Core Optical Fiber with Light Guiding Within a Hollow Region Based on Transverse Anderson Localization of Light, issued March 3, 2020
10,739,229 Measuring Absorption Coefficient of the Doped Fiber with the Side Spontaneous Emission, issued August 11, 2020

Integrated Silicon Photonics Platforms for Scalable Quantum Systems
Device for photon statistic measurement of a pulsed light source
Method of fabricating broad-band lattice-matched omnidirectional DBRs using random nanoporous structures
Cooling of Yb-doped silica


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