UNM Rainforest Innovations

Nathan Jackson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Member, Center for High Technology Materials
The University of New Mexico
Startup: Integrated Deposition Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Jackson’s research areas include: Microsystems or Microelectromechanical Systems; Multi-functional Thin Film Materials; Atomizers; Energy Harvesters; BioSensors; Acoustic Resonators; Microelectronics; Microfabrication; Additive Manufacturing; Flexible and stretchable electronics; Neural Interfaces; and Piezoelectric materials.

Spin-spray deposition using vibrating mesh atomizer
Microelectromechanical System Resonators
Stretchable Liquid Metal Coaxial Phase Shifter
Microfabricated Ultrasound Transducer Array for Neural Stimulation
Monolithic Microfabricated Vibrating Mesh Atomizer
Enhanced Frequency Bandwidth of Cantilever Beam using Transverse Movable Mass

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