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MytegiaLeeUNM Rainforest Innovations is excited to welcome Mytegia Lee as the first Tribal Liaison for the New Mexico Tribal Entrepreneurship Enhancement Program.

UNM Rainforest Innovations was awarded an Economic Development Administration (EDA) American Rescue Plan Economic Adjustment Assistance grant in April to help break down barriers and generate opportunity through entrepreneurship in historically underserved communities in New Mexico with a primary focus on coal-impacted tribal communities. Through this grant, the program aims to create new jobs, higher incomes, and inclusive growth through entrepreneurship by linking resources and assisting entrepreneurs in filling voids.

To effectively connect locally with established and aspiring entrepreneurs, the program is hiring part-time Tribal Liaisons. They serve as navigators, dedicated mentors, and connection points for entrepreneurs within tribal communities across the state to identify barriers and seek solutions through resources within the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Meet Ms. Mytegia Lee, Tribal Liaison for the Tribal Entrepreneurship Enhancement Program, Executive Director of the Southwest Native Assets Coalition (SNAC), and mentor for the UNM Rainforest Innovations’ University Center Program. Prior to joining SNAC, she worked in the commercial banking and financing services industry providing credit analysis, financial education as well as small dollar loan origination and servicing throughout Western New Mexico. Her diligence, attention to detail, and commitment to customer service reflect her sincere interest in helping rural households secure optimal economic opportunities and outcomes. Prior to working in the financial services sector, Ms. Lee worked as a social services liaison for the Eastern Agency of the Navajo Nation providing community members to burial assistance, low-income home energy assistance, and other emergency funding.

Ms. Lee is bi-lingual and a skilled silversmith, rancher, and mother of three and enjoys traveling, physical fitness and photography. She is from the community of Manuelito, New Mexico and is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation.

What interested you in the tribal liaison position and what do you hope to accomplish through the program?

My interest in the Tribal Liaison position was engaged by my already established position as a mentor for the UNM Rainforest Innovations Center Program. By providing or directing Entrepreneurs and Business owners to resources and empowering them with information and one-on-one mentoring, I seek to accomplish long term stability, wealth building as well as Cultural Relevance for participants.

What would you say to an aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner just getting started?

Congratulations on taking your first step to success by Business owning. Like every new endeavor in life there is no right or wrong way, there is only creating a way. Individuality is what will drive you and set you apart. I am here to o offer momentum and support in this process!!

Connect with Mytegia Lee at mlee@swnativeassets.com.

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