UNM Rainforest Innovations

On August 22, Global Ties ABQ brought a group of 12 international business leaders to the Lobo Rainforest Building where Stacy Sacco gave a talk on how governments, universities, and academic institutions play a role in fostering entrepreneurship and supporting innovation.

Global Ties ABQ is nonprofit that works to build professional networks and meaningful global engagements by connecting New Mexico to emerging global leaders. The visitors were part of the U.S. Department of State’s International Leadership Program, and the topic of the visit was “Entrepreneurship as the Engine of Prosperity and Stability – Small Business Development in the Indo-Pacific.”

Stacy Sacco is a site mentor for the New Mexico Rainforest University Center Program, has taught entrepreneurial studies at the UNM Anderson School of Management for the past twenty years, and served as the Director of the UNM Small Business Institute. He is currently the President of Sacco Connections, a management consulting firm, and hosts a free, informational website, with 3,000+ links to local jobs, events, and resources. Visit his website here: https://www.nmnetlinks.com/

Learn more about Global Ties ABQ by visiting their website: https://www.globaltiesabq.org/

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