UNM Rainforest Innovations

Last week marked the ending of the Rainforest Accelerator fall cohort, a 10-week long program that teaches teams of entrepreneurial-minded faculty and students on how to transition their STEM-related technology to the marketplace.

Teams are equipped with $3,000 in seed-funding to support market discovery efforts and proof-of-concept prototyping and they also learn how to determine value propositions, customers, size of market, and market trends for their respective technologies. Each team consists of UNM faculty, staff and/or students, entrepreneurs, and a mentor provided by the program.

The teams that participated in the fall 2022 cohort included:

  • Energy Creating Arts – creating novel forms of art and a new way to experience existing art for pure enjoyment and novel forms of experience.
  • Troy – smart wall projector.
  • The E-Cage – biofeedback arm sling device to aid in elbow joint rehabilitation exercises.
  • LoJo Engineering – ChemiPattern tech is a new way to control chemistry by localizing pH, redistributing charge, and patterning solubility of wet chemical reactions in-situ, i.e. sol-gel process.
  • Team DM – a magnetic snare catheter system.
  • AM Team – 3D concrete printer conveyer hose.
  • AHP Pump – an automated, inexpensive, high-pressure, customizable pump system that can serve as a multi-use pump, capable of pumping fluids with high densities/viscosity or fluids containing particles or micelles.
  • Flow Aluminum – grid-level energy storage.

UNMRI is currently accepting applications for the spring 2023 cohort and the deadline to apply is February 20, 2023. To learn more and sign up, visit http://loborainforest.com/rainforestaccelerator/

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