UNM Rainforest Innovations

UNM Rainforest Innovations hires student interns each semester to assist in supporting technology transfer and catalyzing economic development at the University of New Mexico. The internship program, which has now trained over a hundred students from across campus, teaches students excellent professional skills and a better understanding of the intersection of business, science, and law.

Our featured intern this month is Alexandria (Alex) Forrester. She currently serves as an innovation student intern and graduated this past semester magna cum laude at UNM with bachelor’s degrees in biology and Spanish and a minor in chemistry. “I plan to apply to UNM medical school this cycle and travel this summer. I know I want to go into medicine, and I’m very excited to see what life is like outside of college.”

Growing up in New Mexico, Alex attended Sandia Preparatory School for middle and high school. “My dad’s family is from New Mexico, and my mom is from Wisconsin.” She spent her freshman year of college at the University of Colorado, Boulder, however, decided to attend the University of New Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, she said: “I enjoy getting to expand my knowledge to the business and marketing side of the technology world. Being a science major, I never had the opportunity to take business classes if I wanted to graduate on time. UNMRI gives me the option to broaden my knowledge of different technologies and apply my degree background while also learning about the business side of this industry. I also love getting to see my peers on our weekly Zoom call.”

Most innovation student interns work remotely, and the most valuable thing Alex learned during her internship was responsibility in a remote work setting. “Working remotely as an intern has been very rewarding, but I have also experienced many challenges. It was difficult to begin using marketing databases and learning how to market technologies with guidance over the computer. With that being said, I think it allowed me to learn more about my responsibilities as well as improving communication between me and my coworkers.”

When she’s not balancing work and school responsibilities, Alex loves running and working out.

“I also play with my wiener dog, Turbo, and take him on walks. Most of my free time in college was spent working and doing homework; I am really excited to experience actual free time this summer while I travel to Europe and to other states.”

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