UNM Rainforest Innovations

In 1983, the Center for High Technology Materials (CHTM) was established as one of UNM’s five Centers of Technical Excellence (CTE) by the New Mexico legislature. Now 40 years later, the center has been a critical contributor to UNM’s research and economic development activities and is a nationally recognized center for photonics and microelectronics research. The center also provides access to world class equipment from CHTM user facilities and a stellar reputation for world class research in New Mexico.

CHTM also plays an important role with UNM Rainforest Innovations. Compared to all other centers and department at UNM, CHTM has contributed to the largest number of issued patents, revenue, and startup companies. To date, they have received 285 issued U.S. patents, over $83 million in license revenue, and spurred the creation of 40 UNM technology-based startup companies.

Congratulations to CHTM on 40 years of significant research advancements and innovations!

See UNM’s video below:

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