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In this new series, we’re reconnecting with former UNM Rainforest Innovations (UNMRI) interns to explore their professional journeys and career paths. This month we’re catching up with Jessica Moose, a Technical Business Development Specialist at Sandia National Laboratories’ Center for Collaboration and Commercialization (C3).

Jessica Moose first joined UNMRI in October of 2016 and served as an innovation intern where she worked on prior art searches, technology scouting, and general support relating to economic development. At the time of the internship, Jessica was a student at the University of New Mexico and eventually earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration. At UNM, she found psychology, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior courses particularly interesting and her experiences as an intern began to fuel her passion for entrepreneurship and economic development.

“The internship significantly influenced my career path, redirecting me from a healthcare business focus to a fulfilling journey in economic development, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship,” said Jessica Moose. “I am immensely grateful to the leadership at UNMRI for sharing opportunities and making introductions for me not only following my internship, but well after.”

After her internship with UNMRI concluded, she joined the Santa Fe Business Incubator (SFBI) as their Program Director where she served on advisory boards, developed working groups, and fostered mentor/mentee relationships. “This experience allowed me to act as a valuable resource and support system for founders during the turbulent and crucial initial years of business formation.” She also taught an 8-week Intro to Entrepreneurship course at the Santa Fe Community College as an adjunct faculty member.

She served as SFBI’s Program Director for over five years before deciding to make a change. “My role at the Incubator evolved beyond a job into a passion, inspiring me to broaden my impact beyond Santa Fe.” In April 2023, she accepted a new job at Sandia National Laboratories as a Technical Business Development Specialist.

“My current role brought me back to the world of technology transfer and the Lobo Rainforest Building to work in Sandia’s Center for Collaboration and Commercialization (C3). It’s such a pleasure to reestablish relationships with my former UNMRI coworkers. In my role at Sandia, I support programs that connect businesses to the unique capabilities at the Labs while also facilitating the commercialization of Lab intellectual property into industry.”

We asked what she was most proud of in her career so far and she replied, “I take pride in witnessing the impact of my work, contributing to business launches, job creation, and economic opportunities. It has been such a personally gratifying career, so far.”

As a young professional in the workspace, she has also come a long way in navigating workplace challenges. “I am also immensely proud of myself for the work I have put into overcoming my imposter syndrome as a young, female professional. It is with the help and guidance of other successful woman professionals that I finally feel confident in claiming my place at the table.”

We’re thrilled to reconnect with Jessica and hear of all her accomplishments since her time as an innovation intern. We wish her all the best as she continues to grow and develop her blossoming career in entrepreneurship and economic development.

If you would like to learn more about student internship opportunities at UNMRI, visit: https://innovations.unm.edu/careers-internships/ 

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