UNM Rainforest Innovations

Research Associate Professor

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Optical Science & Engineering

The University of New Mexico

Active Startup: Crystalline Mirror Solutions, LLC (acquired by Thorlabs, Inc.)

Pending U.S. Patent Applications (UNM-Affiliated)

  • Broadband Active Mirror Architecture for Multi-Kilo-Watts Optically Pumped Semiconductor Disc Lasers
  • Hybrid Membrane External-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser
  • Methods for Spectrally-Selective Laser Circulator for Cryogenic Optical Refrigeration
  • Low Quantum-Defect Intra-Cavity-Pumped Semiconductor Disk Lasers
  • Power-Scalable Cryogenic Optical Refrigerator
  • Laser Beam Circulator

Issued U.S. Patent Applications (UNM-Affiliated)

  • 11,088,506, CTE-Matched Textured Heatlinks for Optical Refrigeration, issued August 10, 2021

Research areas include:

  • Optical refrigeration (laser cooling of solids)
  • Radiation-balanced lasers
  • Semiconductor disk lasers for high power, narrow line width, and pulsed operation
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