UNM Rainforest Innovations

CEO, Blue Stone Strategy Partners


BA – Economics, University of New Mexico

MBA – New Mexico State University

PhD – Rural/Tribal Relations, Arizona State University

Business/Research Background

Dr. Luarkie is CEO of Blue Stone Strategy Partners, a privately held Native American-owned professional services, consulting, and advisory firm.  Blue Stone provides professional services to Native American tribes and Native businesses from coast-to-coast in economic development, strategy, healthcare, and human resources.

More recently, Dr. Luarkie served as President & CEO for Tamaya Ventures, the Pueblo of Santa Ana’s economic arm.  He also has served as the Executive Director of the New Mexico Tech University Research Park Corporation and as the Director for New Venture Development in the Office of Innovation Commercialization at New Mexico Tech University.  This function was responsible for the marketing and commercialization of intellectual property, partner development, and market engagement.   He has been an entrepreneur and has served as CEO for the Emerging Equities Solutions Group and Digital Migration.  As part of his leadership journey, Dr. Luarkie also served as Governor for the Pueblo of Laguna, his home Pueblo. 

Particular Knowledge and Skills

Dr. Luarkie has a wealth of experience in executive leadership, business development and economic development, community engagement, and innovation roles. Dr. Luarkie serves as an advisory to the New Mexico Tribal Entrepreneurship Program, administered by UNMRI.

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