UNM Rainforest Innovations

President, Gregg L. Mayer & Co., Inc.


BA – Biology, University of California at Berkeley
PhD – Physiology, University of California at Berkeley
Japanese Language Program, Keio University in Japan
Research Student, Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration and The National Children’s Hospital Research Center in Tokyo 

Business/Research Background

Dr. Mayer was a Co-Founder and Partner and later President and Director of Berkeley Antibody Company, Inc. in Berkeley, California. Subsequently, as Director, Vice President and President of Vivigen, Inc., a clinical genetic testing company, Dr. Mayer’s responsibilities included investigation of new technologies for potential business opportunities, the direction of sales and marketing, as well as general management of the company. In 1988 and 1989, Vivigen was named one of “The Best Small Growth Companies in America” by Business Week magazine and was later acquired by Genzyme Corporation. Dr. Mayer is currently President of the Gregg L. Mayer & Company, Inc., a consulting firm in El Cerrito, California. 

Particular Knowledge and Skills

Dr. Mayer’s areas of expertise are in healthcare management, and consulting and new ventures in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical-device industries, and managed-care companies in the U.S. and Japan. He is a founding board member of the Disease Management Association of Japan and the Japan Society for Health Support Sciences. He writes and lectures extensively in both the U. S. and Japan about healthcare. 

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