UNM Rainforest Innovations

Secretary & Treasurer, UNMRI Board of Directors
Executive Vice President & Deputy Laboratory Director, Sandia National Laboratories, Retired


BS – Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison
MS – Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison
PhD – Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Business/Research Background

Dr. Stichman began his career at Sandia National Laboratories in 1972. As Executive Vice President & Deputy Laboratory Director, Dr. Stichman was responsible for lab operations, staff and facilities and for developing and implementing policy. He was also responsible for the overall stewardship of the technical capabilities at Sandia and for setting, promulgating, and maintaining standards for technical activities. In addition, he was also a member of the senior executive management councils at Sandia, had particular responsibilities for transformational activities in technology and in operations and was responsible for the independent assessment of weapons’ safety, security and reliability.

Prior to his appointment as Executive Vice President, Dr. Stichman was Vice President of the Weapon System Division at Sandia. In this position, he was responsible for all aspects of Sandia’s nuclear weapon engineering—from concept and design development through stockpile support and weapon retirement. This division also provided significant technology and system development for a variety of national security applications, such as airborne imaging radars, remote sensors, and instrumentation and telemetry systems.

Previously, Dr. Stichman was Director of the New Mexico Weapon Systems Engineering Center, Director of the Surety Components and Instrumentation Center, and a member of the technical staff in the Data Systems Division of Hughes Aircraft Company. His responsibilities have included directing the development of telemetry systems, electronic/electromechanical components, safety/security subsystems in nuclear weapons and other defense-related systems. He has also managed development of electronic systems for weapon arming and firing, flight computers, real-time imaging radars and automatic target recognition. He participated in the development and commercialization of the first implantable, programmable insulin-delivery system for treatment of diabetes.

Particular Knowledge and Skills

Dr. Stichman is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is registered as a professional engineer in the state of New Mexico. He has been a member of the Industrial Advisory Board of the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is the recipient of the “Award for Exemplary Civilian Service” from the Department of the Air Force and the Gold Medal for service to the National Nuclear Security Administration.  His published papers and conference presentations include the subjects of instrumentation and control, implantable medical electronics, and real-time optical computing. He holds two U.S. patents.  Dr. Stichman serves on several governing and advisory boards for nonprofit agencies.

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