UNM Rainforest Innovations

UNM Rainforest Innovations is launching a pilot program called the UNM Health Sciences & Main Campus Research Collaboration Seed Grant to further support research collaboration efforts at UNM. The grant is intended to encourage investigators from the University of New Mexico Main Campus and Health Sciences to work together on advancing research that may lead to new invention disclosures.

The new collaboration seed grant is intended to fund early-stage research that supports investigators to develop concepts for joint proposals. Proposals must include at least 1 Primary Investigator (PI) from UNM Main Campus and 1 PI from UNM Health Sciences and a total of $250,000 is available to award 10 proposals up to $25,000 each.

Lisa Kuuttila, President of UNM Rainforest Innovations, states, “Over the years we’ve witnessed innovative research spur from cross-departmental collaboration, and with this new grant we aim to further support and sustain those positive research collaborations. We believe there is a great deal of potential between main campus and health sciences research projects, and we hope to directly support them through this grant.”

A local startup from the University of New Mexico, BennuBio, Inc., is an example of when collaborative research led to the development of a successful startup. BennuBio has greatly expanded the power of flow cytometry by developing instruments that can use the flow cytometry paradigm to analyze samples regardless of particle size or sample volume which significantly accelerates the process of cell screening and analysis.

UNM Rainforest Innovations will be accepting proposals for the UNM Health Sciences & Main Campus Research Collaboration Seed Grant in mid-April 2024 and the deadline for proposals will be 11:59 pm on May 20, 2024.

Visit our webpage to learn more about the program, proposal review process, and requirements for the proposal outline: https://innovations.unm.edu/unm-health-sciences-main-campus-research-collaboration-seed-grant/

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