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Abdullah Mueen, Ph.D.

Abdullah Mueen, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science The University of New Mexico Dr. Mueen’s research interests include: Data Mining Machine Learning Information Diffusion Automated Monitoring ISSUED U.S. PATENTS (UNM-AFFILIATED) 10,089,660 System and Method for Implementing Temporal Review, issued October 2, 2018 10,389,745 A Method to Detect Bots in Social Media, issued August 20, 2019 10,853,372 DisPatch: Distributed Pattern Matching over Streaming Time Series, issued December 1, 2020 PENDING …Read More

Stefan Posse, Ph.D.

Stefan Posse, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Neurology Member, UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center The University of New Mexico Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Department of Clinical Medicine University of Copenhagen, Denmark Dr. Posse’s research areas include: Biophysics of high frequency resting-state functional MRI in human brain Development of ultra-high-speed real-time functional MRI data acquisition Development of real-time signal and image analysis tools for task-based and resting-state functional MRI Development of …Read More

Melanie E. Moses, Ph.D.

Melanie E. Moses, Ph.D. Professor Department of Computer Science Associate Professor Department of Biology The University of New Mexico External Faculty, Santa Fe Institute Dr. Moses’ research areas include: Scalable swarm robotic systems Biologically inspired computation Computational Immunology ISSUED U.S. PATENTS (UNM-AFFILIATED) 9,446,512   iAnt Swarm Robotic Platform and Evolutionary Algorithms, issued November 20, 2016 10,850,395   Multi-place Foraging Algorithm with Dynamic Depots, Issued December 1, 2020

Rong Pan, Ph.D.

Rong Pan, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Department of Pharmaceutical Science The University of New Mexico Dr. Pan’s research areas include: (1) The role of zinc in acute brain damage and recovery following ischemic stroke. (2) Biomarkers for assessing blood brain barrier damage before thrombolysis to predict the risk of intracranial hemorrhage after thrombolysis. (3) The role of endogenous zinc protoporphyrin in hemorrhagic stroke-induced bran damage. ISSUED U.S. PATENTS (UNM-AFFILIATED) 9,599,625     …Read More

Nathan Jackson, Ph.D.

Nathan Jackson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering Member, Center for High Technology Materials The University of New Mexico Startup: Integrated Deposition Solutions, Inc. Dr. Jackson’s research areas include: Microsystems or Microelectromechanical Systems; Multi-functional Thin Film Materials; Atomizers; Energy Harvesters; BioSensors; Acoustic Resonators; Microelectronics; Microfabrication; Additive Manufacturing; Flexible and stretchable electronics; Neural Interfaces; and Piezoelectric materials. PENDING U.S. PATENT APPLICATIONS (UNM-AFFILIATED) Spin-spray deposition using vibrating mesh atomizer Microelectromechanical System …Read More

Nancy L. Kanagy, Ph.D.

Nancy L. Kanagy, Ph.D. Chair and Professor Department of Cell Biology & Physiology The University of New Mexico Fellow of the American Physiological Society and American Hearth Association UNM Co-Investigator: Dr. Ross Clark, MD Dr. Kanagy’s research areas include: Vascular endothelial cell signaling; Regulation of hydrogen sulfide synthesis and activity in vascular endothelial cells; and Effects of chronic kidney disease, diabetes and hypertension on hydrogen sulfide-induced vasodilation. PENDING U.S. PATENT …Read More

Arash Mafi, Ph.D.

Arash Mafi, Ph.D. Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy Member, Center for High Technology Materials Dr. Mafi’s research areas include: Optics and photonics: Theoretical, computational, and experimental; Guided-wave and fiber optics; High power fiber lasers: Radiation-balanced fiber lasers; Image transport using transverse Anderson localization; Wave propagation in random media; Laser and nonlinear properties of Anderson localization optical fibers; Entangled pair generation in optical …Read More

Karin Westlund High, Ph.D.

Karin Westlund High, Ph.D. Professor and Vice-Chair of Research Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine The University of New Mexico New Mexico VA Health Care System Research Physiologist AIM Center Affiliate Active Startup: VIC Foundry, Inc. The goal of Dr. Westlund High’s work is to unravel molecular mechanisms of nociception and chronic pain in pre-clinical models and in human patients with the aim of developing novel non-opioid treatments to …Read More

Peter Vorobieff, Ph.D.

Peter Vorobieff, Ph.D. Professor and Assistant Chair Department of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Vorobieff’s research areas include: Fundamental hydrodynamic instabilities, Meandering flows Multiphase flows, Shock-accelerated flows, Two-dimensional hydrodynamics, Renewable energy, and Advanced flow field measurement techniques. ISSUED U.S. PATENTS (UNM-AFFILIATED) 8,567,259 Optical Phase Shift Fluid Flow Velocity Measurement Mechanism, issued October 29, 2013 10,006,443 Inflatable, Free-Standing Solar Updraft Tower with Optimal Geometry and Active Control, issued June 26, 2018 PENDING U.S. …Read More

Ladan Arissian, Ph.D.

Ladan Arissian, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Member, Center for High Technology Materials Dr. Arissian’s research area is in optical metrology and active sensor development. She exploits coherence in ultrashort pulse generation known as “frequency combs” for development of sensors based on measurement of optical path differences. Another active area of her research is ultrafast spectroscopy and remote sensing. ISSUED U.S. PATENT (UNM-AFFILIATED) 7,664,149 Auto-Stabilization of …Read More