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Stefan Posse, Ph.D.

Stefan Posse 041421bJPG - edited2 copyStefan Posse, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Neurology

Member, UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center
The University of New Mexico
Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Department of Clinical Medicine
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr. Posse’s research areas include:

  • Biophysics of high frequency resting-state functional MRI in human brain
  • Development of ultra-high-speed real-time functional MRI data acquisition
  • Development of real-time signal and image analysis tools for task-based and resting-state functional MRI
  • Development of neurofeedback to synchronize brain functional networks using real-time resting-state functional MRI
  • Development of high-speed proton echo-planar spectroscopic imaging (PEPSI) for proton and C13 hyperpolarized MR spectroscopic imaging in human brain
  • Development of single-shot diffusion tensor MR spectroscopic imaging in human brain
  • Development of simultaneous functional MRI and MR spectroscopic imaging in human brain
  • Clinical application: Presurgical real-time resting-state functional MRI in patients with brain tumors
  • Other clinical areas of interest: epilepsy, psychiatric disorders

9,116,219 System and Methods for Improved Real Time Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, issued August 25, 2015
11,221,388 Compensation of Magnetic Field Inhomogeneity In MR Spectroscopic Imaging Using Dynamic K-Space Expansion In Combination With Parallel Imaging, issued January 11, 2022

Concurrent multi-modal MRI
Spectrally segmented regression of motion and physiological noise in high-speed resting-state fMRI

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